The early Scandinavian immigrants to America brought the lessons of the past with them, combined them with the realities of a new land, and dreamed about better lives for future generations. Hard work, commitment to family and friends, and a “ya you betcha” spirit are core values of their heritage.

But heritage alone does not produce results. And simply preserving memories in order to learn from what has gone before are just memories without an engaged and inspired audience. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Scandinavian-American cultural and heritage experiences that have been built over the years in Minot, North Dakota by the Norsk Høstfest Association and the Scandinavian Heritage Association.

The Norsk Høstfest Association and the Scandinavian Heritage Association recognized that Scandinavians benefit from:

Individual and group leaderships bursting with vision, creativity, and foresight to see possibilities where others saw none

The ability and passion to unite lots of different people in a common cause

The foresight to secure the funding necessary to stabilize their programs thereby sustaining their missions impact generations to come

And like their Viking ancestors, they understood a vehicle was needed for the long voyage from past, to present to future. In 1999 they began construction on such a vehicle, a new permanent “drakkar” (longboat), the Høstfest-Heritage Foundation (HHF).

The HHF is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization. Our Fed ID number is 41-1960917. Gifts to HHF are deductible for income and estate tax purpose to the extent allowed by law.

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Scandinavian Drakkar
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