Åsgard VIP Room Welcomed Foundation Friends

The Foundation hosted the VIP Room at Norsk Høstfest 2015 by adopting a Norse mythology theme, a more relaxed environment and a great selection of Nordic appetizers and pastries. The VIP Room is the get away for Høstfest sponsors and Foundation donors.

VIP Room (1)In Norse mythology, Åsgard is the home of the gods and it consisted of luxurious palaces and halls, in which the gods (whose chief was Odin) dwelled, conferred, and banqueted. Fittingly, Åsgard welcomed our generous friends during their visit to Høstfest 2015 creating a highly desired space for fellowship and the sharing of our Scandinavian heritage, culture and legacy. Even the entry to Åsgard was true to Norse mythology as it represented Bifröst the burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (the world) and Åsgard.

VIP Room (9)

Creating a special place like Åsgard would not have been possible without the generous support of our friends. Special recognition goes out to:
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Mark Hildahl, DDS, Jock Stevick, DDS, David Keup, DDS and Jerick Hensen, DDS for sponsoring the room throughout Høstfest.

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For providing the sofas and loveseats that transformed the VIP Room into a living room with a view of Stockholm Hall.

Niess Impressions provided signage for the Foundation in Åsgard and at the Foundation’s booth on Chester Avenue.

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Lowe’s Floral and Garden Center brightened the room with a tremendous water fountain display complete with live plants and this gorgeous centerpiece.
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We would be remiss not to thank the volunteers who donated countless hours in greeting our guests and taking care of the room and the goodies!

A shout out to Todd Fettig and the Coldwell Banker team for welcoming our guests at the Bifröst entrance. They have been at the gate for several years and did a great job as the Foundation took on the role of host.
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To Andy Heidt and his team (Michelle Betz, Sharon and Herb Schwartz, Richard and Arlyce Holtz, Theresa Gochanour, Diane, Doris and Amber Heidt, Lila Striefel and Steve Weiskopf) who were in charge of the minute by minute activities inside the room. They couldn’t have performed at a higher level welcoming guest, keeping the appetizer and pastry trays full. The refreshment table was a thing of beauty. Please stop by the Åsgard Food post for recipes!


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