Charter Guardians

In 2003, Norsk Høstfest Board of Directors approved a fundraising effort to establish a fund to preserve the festival’s future and to guard against emergencies such as the proverbial “snowstorm” or other acts of nature. Through a series or personal visits, 85 friends of Norst Høstfest made commitments of at least $6,000 to help preserve Norsk Høstfest for future generations. These generous people were recognized as Guardians.

The commitments received through the initial Guardian campaign formed the Høstfest-Heritages Foundation’s first restricted fund. Today the Norsk Høstfest Guardian Fund remains as a vital financial resource supporting many aspects of the festival’s commitment to preserving heritage through involvement in cultural and heritage education programs such as Høstfest in the Schools and others that are held during the festival or within community venues. Most of these activities do not generate enough revenue to cover their costs but they are essential to the purpose and mission of Norsk Høstfest.

Charter Guardians Duane and Sharlene and Orlan and Rosie Tollefson celebrate at Høstfest with their sister Phyllis Kempkes and her husband Neville.

The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation is pleased to honor the first Guardians who stepped up and contributed in their own name or in memory or honor of others. The Guardians represent a belief in an idea and a vision that grew beyond those first festivals into one that is known throughout the world. The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation’s Today and Tomorrow “Our Values Align” Initiative is seeking to permanently recognize the first 100 Guardians by inviting another 15 to make the $6,000 commitment. These 100 will be known as Charter Guardians and will permanently be recognized as the first to step forward and say “Yes!” to preserving our Scandinavian heritage, culture and what we know as “Hooostfest!”

Inducted Charter Guardians

Lynn Aas
Olga Bauman
Dr. Yousef & Turid Eileen Bishai
Beverly H. Bjella
Dave & Ruth Rolaug
Duane & Jeanne Brekke
Doraly Brown & Family
Dean & Leatrice Caldwell
Citizen State Bank of Mohall-Sherwood-Lansford
Pamela Alme Davy
John Decker
Wally & Iris Eckman
Eunice Johnson Farstad
First National Bank & Trust Co. of Williston
Grace Fisher
David & Nancy Fuller
Don & Ardis Huss Gackle
Dr. Larry & Margaret Gjerstad
Fisher Motors—John & Jodi Stewart
Wally & Winnie Hankla
Harlow & Donna Hageness & Harlow’s Bus Sales
Janice Hobbs
Gary & Joan Holum
Burton & Etheleen Hoovestol
Douglas & Kathleen Reiten Hruby
Jim & Karen Jensen
James A. & Cynthia M. Jorgenson
Leonard M. & Alma K. Jorgenson
Carrol T. & Barbara Juven
I. Keating Furniture World
Peggy Kimball
Paul & Karen Krebsbach
Ruth Lane
Tyrone & Rita Curl Langager
Allen O. & Shirley D. Larson
Roger & Roberta Larson
Don & Phyllis Laskowski
Art & Grace Link
Phil & Jennifer Lowe
Robert Lowe
Doug Mattson, Kevin Mattson, Linda Nelson
Roald & Marilyn Mattson
Maxson Law Office PC
LaVerne & Kandi Mikkelson
Jim Montgomery
Reggie & Brenda Morelli
Dale & Barbara Morrison
Chris Mostad
Duane & Darlene Mutch
Richard L. & Bernie Muus
Janet Neuenschwander
Mary Newman
Roger & Delores Odell
Dr. David & Kathy Olson
Calmer & Tillie Overlee
Gail Peterson
Tom M. & Mary M. Probst
Gerald W. & Melanie Reiten Shonkwiller
David & Carla Reiten
Steven Reiten
Tim & Donna Reiten
Roger Ward North American—Roger Ward Family
Bob Romeo & Carv Thompson
Jim & Anne Ryan
Rich & Bee Saunders
Ed & Betty Schall
Yvonne Schultz
Dr. Doris Slaaten
Edna Solheim
Ted & Anna Solheim
Dr. Dennis Sommers
Springan Furniture
State Bank & Trust of Kenmare
Wayne & Bernice Stroup
Gary & Andy Swanson
Jim & Dottie Thompson
Myron & Shirley Thompson
Lois Thorson
Duane & Sharlene Tollefson
Orlan & Rosie Tollefson
Dr. David & Jane Uthus
Arlene Vallely
Ida M. Weber
Thomas A. Wentz Sr.
Vernon & Eunice Wunderlich
Kay York Family

New Today and Tomorrow “Our Values Align” Initiative Charter Guardians

Dennis and Marvel Helgeson
James Maragos
Bruce and Diane Walker

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