Today & Tomorrow Initiative

The recommitted mission and role of HHF calls for HHF to be a more active resource for Norsk Høstfest and the Scandinavian Heritage Association’s major effort the Scandinavian Heritage Park. Filling a need of both organizations and the personal needs of the many friends of the associations, HHF’s Board of Directors has launched a new strategic initiative connecting not only the past with the future, but also the values that we all share. In order for HHF to have an impact on the future of Norsk Høstfest and the continued development of the Scandinavian Heritage Park it must develop its own capacity. To build that capacity the HHF Board has approved three goals:

Organizational Goal
To be recognized as a regional resource for all things Scandinavian committed to preserving authentic traditions and culture while celebrating modern Scandinavian life, culture and business.

Operational Goal
To operate as an efficient, effective and impactful permanent institution worthy of the confidence and trust of its donors, beneficiaries and partners.

Financial Goal
To maintain an ongoing fund development program responsive to both organization and donor needs and to manage and distribute discretionary and restricted assets supporting current and future needs and in compliance with donor intent.

These goals will be realized through identified strategies and activities directly connected to mission, focused on improving our capacity and impact to preserve and promote Scandinavian heritage, and demonstrating to prospective friends and donors a confident and vibrant organization worthy of their philanthropic investment.

The strategies and activities for each of these goals will be updated on this website. Please visit us again to learn more about the HHF strategic initiatives.

“The Høstfest-Heritage Foundation represents a connection to the future for Norsk Høstfest and the Scandinavian Heritage Association. For 38 years we have shared the joy of building awareness of our heritage, a beautiful cultural park and a world-class family–friendly Scandinavian festival. The Foundation’s mission, values and vision for the future support all the efforts of past donors and volunteers and present new opportunities for each of us to make a difference in the lives of those who cherish what is and those who will grow from learning more about our wonderful Scandinavian heritage.”

David Reiten, Chair Høstfest-Heritage Foundation

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