Sondre Norheim Remembered by Ritch Houge

Park to Final Resting Place

Syttende Mai is fast approaching.  There will be a parade in Scandinavian Heritage Park and many will take the time to view one of the park’s prized statues – that of the father of modern skiing Sondre Norheim.

norheim statue

Sondre Norheim by Norweigen sculpture Knut Skinnarland

During Norsk Høstfest many people take the time to travel the 30 some miles from Minot to the little Norway Lutheran Church north of Karlsruhe.  On this bluff overlooking the Souris (Mouse) River, Sondre helped build the first Lutheran church on the Mouse River loop in 1884.  It was on the site of this church that Sondre was laid to rest in 1897.  Here is my photo visit to the Norway Lutheran Church and the new world the Norheims settled in 130 years ago.  Such a change of life for our immigrant forefathers.

Norway-Lutheran-Church-e1430939180458Norway Lutheran Church
Norway-Lutheran-Church-1st-e1430939210988Site of the first church
Norheim-grave-e1430939246171Sondre and wife Rannei graves


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