Høstfest artifact found in Oslo Hall!

This action figure found in the rafters of Oslo Hall years ago recently resurfaced!

Høstfest volunteers are dedicated and creative. This WWF action figure brandished a Seafood from Norway shield and Norwegian flag when found many years ago.

We would like to recognize the person(s) responsible for this piece of Høstfest volunteer history. We’ll know you if you can remember the words on the flag or the message on the shield. HINT: the year was 2001!

Please give the Foundation office a call (701)852-1027 if you are the creative one!

Action hero


Dik Browne lets Hagar tell it like it is!

Hagar Bragging - Dik Browne


What is this Høstfest all about?

Here is a special reminder from our friend Trygve Olson.

Trygve Olson - Bonding


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