Why Høstfest-Heritage Foundation?

To inspire and fund a vision for the future.

To organize and lead in the present.

To preserve our cultural legacy.

LEGACY is about the past, our stories, our art, our identity, our roots, our culture, our language and dress, our family and how we preserve those memories. So why does LEGACY matter? It helps us understand ourselves today; it helps us build on the achievements of yesterday; and, it influences our tomorrows – and the tomorrows of future generations.

If you want to continue our Scandinavian legacy, your life and values, and if you want succeeding generations to share those values and embrace their heritage, through the work of programs like Norsk Høstfest and the Scandinavian Heritage Association, you should consider a gift to the Høstfest-Heritage Foundation. HHF is the non-profit organization charged with serving the needs of donors who are committed to preserving the Scandinavian heritage in North America.

The buttons under Your Legacy provide valuable information on:

Personal and family estate planning including how to use charitable gifting to meet YOUR goals

How you can get involved with the Høstfest-Heritage Foundation as an annual member of the Oarsmen or as a donor to any of our mission funds

Our permanent endowed funds helping to assure the future of Norsk Høstfest, the Scandinavian Heritage Park and our Scandi 360 initiative.

Download the Why Høstfest-Heritage Foundation? booklet



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