Giving Opportunities – For Us Today and For Them Tomorrow

The HHF welcomes the generous financial support from our friends toward any of our funds. You may select any fund – discretionary or restricted, spendable or endowed – that meets your particular interest or intentions at this time. We would like to emphasis that the Oarsmen Annual Fund supports the HHF Discretionary Funds. Also please note the gift level requirements of the Norsk Høstfest Guardian Fund and North Dakota Tax Credit for Endowment Gifts. Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions.

Oarsmen Annual Giving Opportunities

As a modern a modern day “drakkar” (longboat) the Høstfest-Heritage Foundation, can only make its voyage with fine, sturdy oarsmen working together for a common cause. The Foundation’s Annual Fund welcomes friends, new and long time, and provides them with an opportunity to annually support the Foundation’s mission through their financial gifts. Donors to the Annual Fund will be recognized as various degrees of Oarsmen recognizing an evolution of our Scandinavian discovery and immigration in North America.

Nordic Friends Gifts of $99 or less

980 Explorers – Gifts of $100 to $499

Honoring Leif Erickson’s discovery of North America, 980 Explorers will be:
• Eligible for our “drakkar” drawing with each $100 donation
• Awarded a frameable 980 Explorers certificate
• Receive an invitation to the Foundation’s annual donor’s picnic in Scandinavian Heritage Park.

The Restauration Society – $500 annual gift

Honoring the 52 Norwegian Quakers who immigrated to the United States in 1825 on board The Restauration donors at this level will receive:
• HHF logo lapel pin
• 5 to 9 entries for our “drakkar” drawing
• A frameable Restauration Society certificate
• An invitation to the Foundation’s annual donor’s picnic in Scandinavian Heritage Park
• Admission to the Foundation’s VIP reception area during Norsk Høstfest.

Homesteader – $1000

Honoring the Scandinavian immigrants who homesteaded our region, Homesteaders will receive:
• All of the recognition of earlier levels
• 10+ entries for our “drakkar” drawing
• A frameable Homesteader certificate
• Two single day General Admission Tickets to Norsk Høstfest
• A year’s individual or couple membership in Scandinavian Heritage Association (SHA)
• An invitation to Scandinavian American Hall of Fame banquet and social.

The “Hagars” Gifts of $2,000 or more

Who doesn’t want to be associated with our favorite Viking? Any annual gift of $2,000+ or lifetime giving accumulation of $2,000+ will automatically earn the donor(s):
• The designation of “chieftain” and the awarding of a 24” drakkar in appreciation of their support
• A frameable Hagar’s level certificate
• Lifetime admission to HHF VIP reception area during Norsk Høstfest
• A year’s individual or couple membership in Scandinavian Heritage Association

Click on Donate to become a Oarsmen

Be the Chieftain of your very own Viking Drakkar!

There are 24 oarsmen on our drakkar. With every $100 donation your name will be placed on one of the oars. Once a drakkar has names on all 24 oars, a chieftain will be selected from among the oarsmen. Along with being publicly honored by the Foundation, they will also receive a fully finished 14” Viking Drakkar.
If we all row together nothing is impossible and no vision too distant!

Priority Fund Giving Opportunities

You may contribute to any of the HHF priority funds by using the DONATE button or sending a contribution to the HHF office. Please review the list of HHF Funds and see which program you wish to support. If you have any questions, please email
All gifts are deeply appreciated and benefit the most critical needs of Norsk Høstfest and the Scandinavian Heritage Association Park.
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